Collection: Empty Shortfill Bottles

Explore our Empty Shortfill Bottles collection at Sweet Geez Vapes for convenient DIY e-liquid mixing. Available in various sizes including 10ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml at great prices.

Elevate your DIY e-liquid mixing experience with our comprehensive collection of Empty Shortfill Bottles at Sweet Geez Vapes. Crafted to facilitate hassle-free filling and storage, our range includes various sizes such as 10ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml Torpedo Empty Shortfill Bottles. These bottles are designed to preserve the quality and flavour of your homemade e-liquids, featuring sturdy construction and leak-proof seals.

Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting your vaping journey, our empty shortfill bottles provide the perfect solution for creating and storing your favourite vape blends. Shop now and unleash your creativity with Sweet Geez Vapes.